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Are automatic transcripts reliable?

Only when you have good audio quality and there is only one speaker with a flat accent.

When should I use a revised transcript?

  • The speaker speaks too fast or has a very thick accent.
  • There is poor sound quality or background noise.
  • There are different speakers and they interrupt each other.
  • When it is important to reflect the attitude of the speaker, or
  • When it is necessary to eliminate the oral aspects and collect the information while respecting the meaning and sense of the message.

Benefits of having a revised transcript

Guarantees the coherence and consistency of the text, avoiding the lack of sense, avoids the mixing of text due to algorithmic errors.

A specialist guarantees that there are no grammatical and spelling errors.

They are totally reliable and accurate for professional use.

Avoids insubstantial or incomplete results due to poor sound quality or background noise.


What is the difference between a literal transcription and a natural transcription? 

Literal Transcription: includes the expressions of spoken language, such as interjections, stammering or the different intonations of each sentence. It is often used in judgements and statements where the attitude of the speaker is also important.

Natural Transcription: eliminates the oral aspects and explicitly collects the information, focusing on the meaning and sense of the message. It is the most commonly used in research and scientific documents due to its readability and coherence.

Contact us if you need

  • Written transcription for legal purposes.
  • Recording meetings and company minutes.
  • Working with individual or group interviews.
  • Accessing specific parts of a recording.
  • Working on a speech or a masterclass
  • Edit webinars or podcasts to text
  • Edit video audio to text

At Sináptica Media we take the transcription you request seriously, as we assume that it has a relevant impact on your business or the quality of your service. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.



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