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compliance with ISO 17100

Any translation service in accordance with ISO 17100 has to include at least translation and proofreading.

El Proceso de Traducción ISO 17100:2015 - Black Garlic

  • Translation and checking. A translator with the appropriate skills translates the documents and, after completing the initial translation, checks his or her own work.                                                  
  • Proofreading. A person other than the translator revises the translation. The standard defines revision as “examining a translation for its suitability for the intended purpose, comparing the source and target texts, and recommending corrections”.

We currently translate in the language pairs in which we can guarantee double native proofreading expertise










most demanded non-automated translation services

Translation & Localization

Translation of your document into the target language. Localization of content into a specific local language

Transcreation & Editing

Creative translation, re-create same message in another language while keeping its original essence. Editing, correction, style improvement, polishing.

Proofreading and QA

Methodological content review, surface error detection, (misspelling, grammar, punctuation). Consistency issues and QA compliance of a given criteria,


A qualified international team of more than 90 translators and proofreaders at your service, all of them experienced in a wide range of subjects and with a native profile in all the languages in which we provide translations.

Our translations undergo a double quality control process in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard for quality in translation services.

Depending on the target market or audience, proofreading and second proofreading prior to final delivery is carried out in the USA or UK for English and Latin America or Spain for Spanish. 

We really enjoy it when a client comes back to us with a request for a new translation, as this confirms that we are doing things right.

Any kind of content


Websites          Articles          E-books         Legal documents            Product descriptions         Technical reports          Quizz         Corporative reports       Video and Audio transcription      Medical documents      Videogames       e-learning courses


Any kind of format

We offer high quality standards at the best market price.



Light editing

Check for accuracy

(grammar, punctuation, typos)



Standard content

(tourism, trade, games, apps)

Editable files

Standard deadline



Specialist field

(legal, finance, medical, technical)

Non-editable files

(images, PDFs, etc)

Urgent deadline

A simple process to get your translation accurate and affordable

.1. Quote

Custom quote based on the specific requirements.

2. Project Management

Planning of activities and timing as well as constant monitoring

3. Review and QA

Deep review and QA check to achieve the highest quality.

4. Delivery

Delivery in accordance with the requirements and the deadline set.

  1. Whether your project is urgent or not, you will receive a personalised quote based on the requirements, urgency, desired outcome and complexity of the issue.

  2. After confirmation of the project, the task is assigned to the appropriate professional and a project manager follows the entire workflow every step of the way.

  3. To ensure the highest quality, the text is thoroughly checked and finally quality controlled to detect even the smallest problems.

  4. Delivery based on the original requirements, in accordance with the source format and layout, in adherence to the deadline.

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